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Alameda Garden Buildings

Alameda Garden Buildings has evolved from The Little Thatched Company to offer cost effective, specific products to meet the challenges of our current environment. We bring the same ethos of quality and passion to provide buildings to stand the test of time. We offer a growing range of hand made products for commercial and leisure use, from hotel reception lodges to cosy, comfortable garden rooms.

We want our customers to enjoy the best possible experience when purchasing from us. We will work with you during the whole process and provide a personal service that is second to none.


Great Design


Quality Handmade Build


Fantastic Value for Money


friendly, efficient & considerate installation


built to last

Alameda Garden Buildings are passionate about sustainability.  Our buildings are constructed from the highest quality timbers, including French Oak and English Larch.  Each building is handmade in Bedfordshire and will, quite simply, last for years.  We feel it is imperative to replace all the wood we use.

We source only European timber from sustainable sources.  Sustainable timber refers to timber that has been harvested responsibly from well managed forests, which are continuously replenished ensuring there is no damage to the surrounding environment or to native plants and animal life.

As of 2020, we at Alameda Garden Buildings are excited to have become a friend of Forest of Marston Vale where we are committed to planting a minimum of two trees for each building constructed.  With our first trees planted in November, our families can continue to enjoy Marston Forest in the happy knowledge we are helping it to grow.

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