News from the world of Alameda Garden Buildings...and Bert

Jan 19 2021

the inspiration behind our
building names

We take inspiration from our town and the history it holds to name each of our buildings - it gives a great connection to the place we have lived most of our lives and where ...

Jan 5 2021

meet Bert… official agb mascott

You might have seen him about town or on social but we'd like to introduce you to Bert, Alameda Garden Building's official mascott and all-round nice guy! Bert loves nothing more than supporting the work ...

Dec 18 2020

carbon capture

Most people assume that cutting down trees for use in construction will be bad for the environment because this will reduce the number of trees able to absorb carbon from the air. It is actually ...

Dec 7 2020

the wood we use

British Larch Indigenous to the UK, not only is British Larch incredibly beautiful and hardwearing but we are minimising the carbon miles.  Our larch cladding comes from well-managed woodland so again, with replanting, we are ...

Nov 21 2020

Marston Vale Collaboration

The Forest of Marston Vale is a Community Forest and a Charity, planting trees and using woodlands to make life better for the people and wildlife in the 61 square mile area of the Marston ...
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