the wood we use

British Larch

Indigenous to the UK, not only is British Larch incredibly beautiful and hardwearing but we are minimising the carbon miles. 

Our larch cladding comes from well-managed woodland so again, with replanting, we are benefitting the environment.  Another reason we use Larch is the beautiful change in colour to earthy silver as it ages, we feel it actually becomes part of its surroundings.

British Larch newly installed and aged beautifully 5 years after installation

French Oak

Why French Oak?  During the 18th and 19th Centuries it seems the French managed their forests rather better than the English.  As a result of sustainable management its forest surface has doubled over the last two centuries.  Trees are not normally felled until they are approximately 180 years old therefore providing a high quality product.  The French have always used oak for wine barrels so they probably realised some time ago if they wanted to continue enjoying their favourite tipple they needed to replace the oak they used.  We are happy to use French oak, the quality due to care taken in the past is fantastic and, ongoing, the forests are managed sustainably.

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